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Pioneering Green 
Bitcoin Staking

Bridging Institutions to the Future of Staking

Leading institutions into the next era of staking with 
Bitcoin yield — leveraging zonaris' green and secure approach.

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Institutional Solutions.

Explore our comprehensive institutional solutions designed to optimize efficiency, manage risk, and harness innovation for your organization.

Introducing Bitcoin Staking

Understand the technology behind Bitcoin Staking and get to know the movers and shakers in the ecosystem.

Who We Serve


Family offices


DeFi projects

Wallets & exchanges

ETF Issuers 


Crypto Banks

Supported Networks.

We provide support for various networks, including Aptos, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, Avalanche, Near, Cosmos, and more. Whether you're interested in established giants or emerging blockchain ecosystems, zonaris has you covered!

Supported Networks zonaris
Supported Networks

All staking providers rely on legacy cloud providers. At zonaris, we've built autonomous, self-reliant infrastructure, independent from services like AWS. Our Green Edge network of distributed hardware in state-of-the-art ISO certified data centres offers exceptional security and reduced slashing risk.

Decentralised, zonaris

Leveraging non-custodial deployment, zonaris provides an impeccably secure solution - we never gain access to any party's tokens or private keys. This strategy cultivates a safer environment for institutional staking transactions.

Non-Custodial Security
Non-Custodial Security, zonaris

Our operating system for decentralised cloud computing has demonstrated its efficacy through multiple successful Proof-of-Concepts (PoCs) including with HPE. With a seamlessly scalable infrastructure, we're well-positioned to adapt to growing demands and future expansions.

HPE Technology Partner
HPE Technology Partner, zonaris

Digital Asset Staking with Pros

Ethereum, Transforming Staking Infrastructure.

Transforming Staking Infrastructure.

Currently, around 30% of Ethereum validators operate on AWS, creating a highly centralised layer within the Ethereum ecosystem.

At zonaris, our mission is to disrupt the status quo by decentralising protocol staking and distributing the foundational infrastructure.


Join the Future of Staking.

We lead the way in hosting web3 validators on dedicated web3 infrastructure. Our approach aligns with the true essence of decentralisation. All of our staking infrastructure is Green and Eco-Friendly. 

Institutional-Grade Infrastructure that Scales with You.


Salzburg, Austria

Vienna 1, Austria

Vienna 2, Austria

St Gallen, Switzerland

Frankfurt, Germany

Current Locations

South Africa

North America


Planned Locations

Green Yield Generation

99.9% Uptime

Tier 3 & 4 Data Centres

Green Infrastructure

Capitalise on Staking Revenue.


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