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Our Mission

zonaris was started by the Green Edge team. zonaris is a decentralised node hosting platform. We host your nodes on reliable, decentralised infrastructure. We don't believe Web3 nodes should be hosted on web2 architecture owned and controlled by a handful of trillion-dollar companies.


zonaris hosts Web3 nodes on Web3 infrastructure - the way it should be!

We started out providing capacity (compute and storage) on the ThreeFold grid. Then we started experimenting with hosting different blockchain nodes ourselves and now offer it as-a-service.

Existing NaaS ("node-as-a-service") companies use the old AWS/Azure/Google cloud services for their nodes which undercuts a central plank of Web3, namely, decentralisation.


We started with Streamr because it's a project we like ourselves and are true believers in their mission to decentralise data.


We know nodes.

We are a decentralised team working across three different cities in Europe. Our team work from offices in Vienna, Amsterdam, and London. Our company and team have been validating blockchains since 2017.


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