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We help you earn crypto.

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Our Mission

Born from the vision of the Green Edge team, zonaris represents a bold step forward in decentralised node hosting.


We firmly stand by the idea that Web3 nodes should not be confined to Web2 architecture, controlled by a select few trillion-dollar giants.

At zonaris, we're revolutionising the norm - hosting Web3 nodes on Web3 infrastructure, the way it's meant to be!

Our journey began by providing compute and storage capacity on the ThreeFold grid. This exploration led us to experiment with hosting various blockchain nodes and validators , culminating in our comprehensive as-a-service offering.

While conventional NaaS (node-as-a-service) providers rely on legacy cloud services like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, we see this as a contradiction to the very essence of Web3 - decentralisation.


We know nodes.

Our team operates across three cities in Europe - Vienna, Amsterdam, and London. With a history of validating blockchains that traces back to 2017, our diverse, geographically dispersed team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table.


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