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Turn Staking Opportunities
Into Revenue.

Stake your Digital Assets with zonaris.
Never miss out on Staking opportunities again.

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Digital Asset Staking with Pros

Utilising state-of-the-art Green Edge Distributed Infrastructure


Green Edge

Leveraging cutting-edge, eco-friendly distributed infrastructure, zonaris mitigates centralisation risks and boasts an impressive 99.8% uptime since 2017.

Our SOC 2 compliance and ISO certifications help mitigate risk and maximise resiliency for staking.


Trust zonaris for top-tier blockchain validator management, backed by our robust expertise. 

Harness Green &
Decentralised Staking


State-Of-The-Art Decentralised Infrastructure

By staking with zonaris, you are contributing to network decentralisation and security.

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Stake in 1-Click

with our Dashboard

Maintain seamless automation and  use an interface designed for effortless navigation and efficient tracking of your assets.


Comprehensive Rewards Reporting

Accessible through CSV, monitor your portfolio gains across various blockchain networks.


Robust & Non-Custodial

Stake with industry leading uptime and SLAs. We prioritise maximising your returns while implementing robust safeguards to prevent slashing, ensuring optimal earnings.

Embracing Decentralisation

A Commitment to Web3 Principles

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We believe that protocols and networks should genuinely embody decentralisation.

Existing Staking providers host Web3 nodes on Web2 architecture, controlled by a select few trillion-dollar corporations, which contradicts the core values of blockchain technology.

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Currently, around 25% of Ethereum validators operate on AWS, creating a highly centralised layer within the Ethereum ecosystem.

At zonaris, we're committed to the principles of decentralisation. Utilising reliable decentralised infrastructure, we counter centralisation risks.

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Turn Staking

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