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Gnosis Validator
Gnosis Validators

Start Gnosis
validators in 1-click

Decentralised & Non-Custodial 🔒
Deploy Gnosis validators for only €1

Node Operators using zonaris 


Hosted Validators on zonaris.


Total Staked Value on zonaris.

$1M +

Why zonaris?

Gnosis Validators

zonaris ❤️Gnosis Chain.

Non-Custodial Security


One-click deployment


Community driven team

driven team

keys crypto

Your keys,
your crypto

zonaris Gnosis Validators Nodes Price

validator pricing
only €1 per node

Get your nodes up and running in seconds.

"zonaris is the easiest thing I've ever come across! A few clicks and you're making money... I can only recommend that you won't find anything better!"

Benjamin Frenklin

Community member with over 50 nodes.

“I have deployed a few Streamr data broker nodes via zonaris since launch into beta. It literally took me 1 click per node. My nodes have been claiming 100% of the reward codes since then.”


Streamr & Swash Ambassador
with over 35 nodes.

"As Head of Ecoystem at Streamr, I can confidently attest to the exceptional value that zonaris has brought to our network." 

Matthew Fontana

Head of Streamr Ecosystem

Gnosis Validators
Gnosis Validators

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