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Deploy nodes in one-click & earn crypto.

Click, Deploy, Decentralise.

zonaris offers lightning fast deployment with competitive pricing.
Get your nodes up and running in seconds ⚡️

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Meet zonaris.

Non-custodial nodes for crypto enthusiasts.

Effortlessly manage nodes. zonaris empowers and assists token holders to earn rewards across multiple projects.

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Stake tokens across multiple projects.

Run your own nodes.

We know nodes.

Easily deploy validator nodes on your favourite blockchain without hassle or code.

We pick the best Web3 projects. 

We choose exciting token projects with profound utility.

Decentralised infrastructure.

zonaris was built on the ThreeFold Grid, the internet for the people, by the people.

No central points of failure.

It's time to take your web3 node off AWS.

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No code, no hassle.

Just one-click. Set it up once, and you're good to go. Effortlessly run and manage.

Run the node, forget the code!

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Streamr is one of crypto's best kept secrets. Their mission to decentralise data is under the radar, zonaris gives crypto enthusiasts the chance to stake and earn DATA, whilst also securing the network.

Data is digital gold and the project is still in its infancy. The world is becoming more and more data-driven and Streamr is pioneering this movement. 


Coming soon...

Due to the huge success of our nodes-as-a-service on Streamr, we will be releasing project 2... watch this space.

Meanwhile, please join our Discord to keep in the know and ask any questions.


Thank you for the patience, it's gonna be good!

Our Community.

Hear from our customers.

"zonaris is the easiest thing I've ever come across! A few clicks and you're making money... I can only recommend that you won't find anything better!"

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BenjaminFrenklin - Community member with over 50 nodes

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